Better Clever than Brilliant

It isn’t the brilliant people that get the best results,
It’s the clever people that do.
Brilliant, is what we are;
Clever, is what we do that is wise.
But, neither, is who we are,
Even though we might be brilliant and/or clever.

If you have to choose between the two,
Choose between the two:
To be both brilliant and clever.
Neither precludes the other;
For both can be learned.

What we do can make us look brilliant, or not so;
What we do is what makes our lives.

It is the job of parents to bring their kids up into cleverness;
It is the job of ‘education’ to help make everyone cleverer;
It is the job of him who can see ‘truthly’ to follow cleverness.

Where is the place for brilliance in life?
Where is the place for brilliance, or beauty, in a ‘good’ life?

I hope the sense of ‘truthly’ makes sense. What ‘normal’ word could’ve been sufficient?

Words from Mr Miyagi.

1.) Rule number one: karate for defense only. Rule number two: first learn rule number one.

2.) No matter who stronger, matter who smarter.

3.) Best way to avoid punch: no be there.

4.) Lie become true only if person believe it.

5.) Never keep lady waiting.

6.) Don’t worry, Miyagi fix everything.

7.) What do you expect me to do? Focus!

8.) And what are you doing to do? Pray.

9.) What are we going to get? You get college tuition, me get Chinese food.

10.) Your fear make ears thick.

11.) I’m not looking for any trouble. … Maybe trouble looking for you.

12.) Home is where you hang your hat.

13.) Miyagi already win; No matter what happen, village safe forever.

From the movie, Karate Kid. Not sure which part anymore.