Grateful — 2017

Sometimes we do not have the words that fully go with the feeling and associated expression. But ‘I am grateful’ is a simple summary that works very well.

I am grateful!

We went through several threats, uncertainties, buyers remorse, good choices, bad choices….
We had to recover several times, and we did.
We had opportunities come demanding a price that we paid happily although it cost us.
We made new friends, and reconnected with timeless friends.
People made our lives better; we made some other’s lives better

Again, I am grateful to God for the year 2017. 


Happy New year, 2018

Thank You–November 2015

I did not get here by myself;
there are many out there who helped;
many through whom we got there.

I can’t mention all your names,
and I neither know nor remember you all.
But I experienced the many little things you did
and the sometimes seemingly inconsequential things you said
in ways, a few times painful, that brought me to happy days.

Thank you all for this, and that, and that other thing.

In all, the hand of God is evident: providence.
Thank You for those things that I didn’t see,
and the results You gave me.
You routed and rerouted,
created new paths for my heart,
though I had erred here and there.
And I worked hard, but it was your Grace that was with me.
So I am grateful; forever grateful.

Thank You – September 2015

Should we still be grateful
In the aftermath of evil
What is there to cheer about
When it’s like you’ve been pierced in the heart
We can’t be happy it happened
Unless maybe an evil lurks inside

There’s still someone left, to pick up the pieces
Perhaps pieces from which another life might emerge
Something valuable that could have been lost but wasn’t
And best, there’s the hope that things will get better
That yesterday is the past we’ve let go
And today is the future we hold for tomorrow

Certainly, I am grateful
For grace, for mercy, for hope
For love and the will to grow

Some say it is family that come to comfort
Thank You for family
Thank you, family

It’s nine months
And the baby is about to be delivered

I am grateful for the safe delivery
Call it a new beginning

Thank You for fresh starts

Thank You—February 2015

Thank you for the music and the dance
Thank you for the love of my life
Thank you for what we’ve shared
As You meant it for Christ and Church

Not the perfect past
Been as prodigal before
But like that father
You threw a party at my return

Thank you that I have love to celebrate
To appreciate some ones you have placed in my village
Thank you for this way you showed
And that we follow the same all the way

Thank You—January 2015

Thank you that I still live
    Your mercy comes through for me
        I’ve needed it many many times

Testing your patience, you don’t lose it
    Rather, I feel the pangs of your love and affection

Thank you that I am here
    That you didn’t let the justice of my guilt overwhelm
You had Christ speak for me instead

Thank you that your love speaks such sweet deeds
    Keeps faith with me
        Hopes in the Grace that I made it
It was perfect from the start
  So I’ll thank you always

In the spirit of the season 2

In the spirit of the season: Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, the countdown and more. Excerpts and rephrases, from the great book.

Our dances are of celebration; joy dwells in our hearts.
The young woman will rejoice with dancing, young men and old men will join in.
After Boaz ate, drank, and his heart was glad, he goes to lie down at the end of the heap.
Get up! Eat! Be happy!

A feast is made for laughter, and wine makes for mirth.
And we sat down, and the two of us ate and drank together (A date or just chilling or both).
They drank, and made merry with him.
We laughed, we sang, we are one happy people.

Resume your singing, go out dancing, joyfully with the sound of tambours.
God will fill your mouth with laughing, you’ll raise the roof with shouts of joy.
From us, thanksgivings and the sound of merriment, celebration.

A translation of the great book by John Nelson Darby
The Message by Eugene H. Peterson (
Holman Christian Standard Bible (