Thank You–November 2015

I did not get here by myself;
there are many out there who helped;
many through whom we got there.

I can’t mention all your names,
and I neither know nor remember you all.
But I experienced the many little things you did
and the sometimes seemingly inconsequential things you said
in ways, a few times painful, that brought me to happy days.

Thank you all for this, and that, and that other thing.

In all, the hand of God is evident: providence.
Thank You for those things that I didn’t see,
and the results You gave me.
You routed and rerouted,
created new paths for my heart,
though I had erred here and there.
And I worked hard, but it was your Grace that was with me.
So I am grateful; forever grateful.

Today is a special day.

Today is a special day!
Why is it special?
Just because we say it is, and with good reason.
There’s always something, someone, somewhere, to be thankful for—to be grateful for.
We live today as special.
Happy Thanksgiving day.