Volcano in rapture
She wells deep from within
Lava passion

I suppose that describes one or two people you(I) know.
Now thinking of Mel Gibson’s ‘The Passion of Christ.’ Only ever saw the movie preview.
Yeeah, the music came to mind: ‘Pasión,’ by Rodrigo Leão. Fantastic flow. Goes very well with tango (the dance). Check YouTube.
Talking of tango, … words are never sufficient.
Speaking of passion, words aren’t necessary.
I see me.
Another song comes to mind now: ‘I See Him,’ by Frank Edwards. YouTube it 🙂 Was somewhere where the song was put on repeat for quite a while. Obviously, something stayed with me.

Dialogues of a Certain Mr and Mrs

She came in to music
The tangos that she loves
Lifting her to a high
In the house of her home

He had put them in a playlist
listening and enjoying
The massage of the music
Waiting without waiting
For the wife of his heart

We see
We smile
We talk
We kiss
We hug
We talk
We laugh
We talk
We smile
We dance
We laugh
We talk
We kiss
We kiss
We talk
We laugh
We play

Have u eaten?
Yes. ‘Couldn’t wait, ’twas getting late.
Are u hungry?
Not really,
Snacked on chocolat an hour ago.
I would have you though.
Well, I’m in your grip.
Heaven, I know
You know what I mean.

A kiss
More silence

The silence of peace
The peace of communion
The communion of spirits
The spirit of marriage
At home in their arms
And in their lives intertwined

It’s 20 years already
That’s so true
You were up quite early. Couldn’t sleep?
Did I wake you?
You do sleep like a guard
I can’t move in bed without your notice
O O O O hhehehe
It’s unlike you
Aaaaa had a nap yesterday evening
So had to wake up too early

Took more time than usual for my prayers
You were in prayer four hours and more
Haha, well …
We do love HIM
Yes we do
And there was much to be said
Any desire in your heart
I’m one with you in it
We’ll see things unfold in their time
Tell me! Don’t being cryptic
Ooooo it was …. and the usual
Up for more?
My time now
That would be later
Have fun

It’s been 30 years
And I’ve never wanted for sweetness from your lips
Your kiss isn’t just a kiss
Your sigh isn’t just a sigh
The fundamental covenant still applies as time goes by

How would I cease to write
When I have you in my soul
Your love stirs my mouth to say these words
Stirs my thoughts to write them down
To speak of your beauty and your charm
Of your heart and your mind
And the quirks that are so just you

How would I cease to speak
When I have inspiration that is you
One whom I love fully
For whom, I died and live truly

The flow of nature is this
Everything running its course
My being and my living revolves around you

You are my joy from God
Mercy and grace to me

Are we going out to dine tonight?
Let’s stay home today
It’s a Saturday!
And the kids might want to give us a surprise of some sort
Hhehehe, no surprise there 🙂
🙂 True 🙂

Our plan is ours to make. Their’s is their’s
They’ll find a way to thrill us I’m sure
You taught them well
We’ll go out tomorrow then

You marry and live for your spouse
You have kids and live for them too

The children, the children
Leave them alone
They’ve left us home alone
I miss them
Me too
But I’ve always missed you more when you were away
We go together then?

Right, we’re not God
Why worry so much
We did do our best
And the gaffes
O God help us
Well, actually, He has

The ball’s in their court now
We can’t stop being parents
The have brains
Sometimes we suspend wisdom
Or don’t know what to do
Like us at different times
Haha, yes
I remember …

You were a little jittery
Dragging your words initially
But I had said yes looong before you asked
You deserve a smack again for waiting so long
It’s a happy day so I’ll do that tomorrow
Our day is 50 years old you know 🙂
Haha, indeed
I love you

Thinking about Argentine Tango

It’s a majestic walk with a contented look; the stuff of nobles and royalty. Like many partner dances, it’s a music and it’s a dance. A family of music (tango, milonga, vals) driving a family of dances with movements of complementary motion between the dancers. It necessarily takes two to tango; the knowledge of its bliss would be unknown otherwise.

There are variants of the tango, and none can compare with the originals. Everything else feels like an aberration. Forgive me if you’re into Finnish or ballroom tango. Cases of innovation going on a ‘wrong’ course?

Although the brothels of the barrios of Buenos Aires and Montevideo contributed to its evolution, the popular idea of tango as the vertical expression of horizontal desire does little justice to its beauty and character. This idea, with the thought that clients negotiated terms with potential hosts in an embrace, doing dance, has been used as a sales tool, colouring the view some have of the dance.

Regardless of the perception anyone might have of Argentine tango, the experience of the dance speedily corrects funny notions. Then it starts to draw one into its kind of meditation—of a music with its movements—that is like play and like a sacred play, fun, refreshing and relaxing.

Someones audible stream of consciousness went like this: “they look so serious, few people seem to smile… its a beautiful dance… it’s nice….” Sometimes, observers have seen dancers with like solemn faces on the dance floor and wondered how they also got the palpable feeling that the tango, (or the milonga, or the vals) was beautiful and nice and good for the soul. There is something about the tango—truly. And there’s no substitute for being present at a milonga, the dance social.

The music that moves the dance is in essence classical music of a special character. A dynamic blend with some African rhythm played using ‘Western’ instruments. (The signature instrument is the bandoneon.) In some pieces, you feel the flow of Italian operas. There are the playful sounds, the cheeky ones … and all very cool. It makes for great chill music.

Life is a ball; to live, you have to dance.

With tango, I’m currently a reserved liberal purist (RLP); I’ve danced it to rap, classical, and zoukish music etc. Certainly not every tanguero’s cup of tea, particularly the P3 (Purist Purist Purist). The point is, that, if it’s you, or you’d like to see if it fits, you could dance to many non-traditional tango music.

Vals is the tango waltz. You get the rhythm: 1, 2, 3; 1, 2, 3; 1, 2, 3.

Since the milonga is a music and a dance of the tango group, and the tango dance social, we can milonga at a milonga to a milonga.