It was only two hours but it was enough (V2)

There was so much to say; so much to talk about.
It’s been quite a few years between then and now.

My! Ma cher, you’re all grown up!
And still the eight year old wonder I used to know.
You’re not much changed,
But no longer a little woman.

Chuckles and giggles and all sorts of laughter heralded our walk.
They hopped with us the two hours as we went along.

There was still much not said;
There was not all shared.
It could’ve almost never ended.
Time and chance seemed unfair,
But we were grateful for the time and the chance.
It wasn’t about words.

I have to leave now.

– signed, granpa


Hijabbed, and she looked so unassuming.
One wouldn’t at once see any grace that delights
Save for her covering; not les cheveux,
Hidden, in ornamented white material.

His first reaction was to smile, and she saw it.
It was for a mundane reason that he said something.
So they spoke, and became friends.

Hijabbed, and with little on the visage,
She charmed gracefully from within.
Her essence shown through,
From behind an open veil free.

Uncovered was a smart mind and friend’s persona.

An optimistic face

I look alright
I sound alright
I seem alright
Heaven knows

An optimistic face had said
Coming out worse didn’t matter
Things had got to get better
As I moved to better things

I say it’s okay
It’s okay where I am
So long as I keep on
I see a better day

What a place to reach
I stretch from within
What a place to be
I have placed me there

I say it’s okay
It’s okay where I land
So long as I try
I’m in a better place

You continued till it was done

The time came near
With the shudder of pain
Was there another way

Feeling as abandoned
through shame and crux
You continued till it was done

Within our humanity
There was something we should be
More than we knew

Stranger at home
Counting it joy
You were glad to be with us

Like I am
You saw what I see
Knowing how I feel

Holy Son Christ
You came for life
But then first to die

Hades you visited
Because you returned
My life has come