To end free will

[What creatures are these?]
We call them ‘hoomans’. There are different species, by skin colour and hair characteristics among other traits; they group themselves in regions, although there has been some mixing.
[Tell me more.]
Yes indeed. Our explorers chanced upon them 5000 years ago and we’ve been studying them since.

[By the way, have you interacted with them before?]
Sir, remember that our policy is to be noninvasive, at first. This is because we want first to have enough information to be able to predict their collective, and every individual, response to us, our society and our worldview.

[Where are we on that?]
There are issues. Their behaviour is not uniform across regions and species; likewise within regions and species. It appears there’s a programming such that anyone can adopt any behaviour, at any time, and for no determinable reason; they say it is ‘free will’, an absolute volition.

They are also of two kinds, one particularly special because other hoomans can come out of ‘har’—a kind of reproduction. Those special ones we call ‘wimen’, in general. On average, they reproduce randomly and frequently, probably because they don’t live long in general. It appears that they have to make new hoomans more often so that they don’t die out. A hundred and twenty years is a very old age to them. Most of them don’t get there, but that hasn’t always been the case and we can’t really tell what changed. We indeed need to be isolated from them and we need to know how interaction with us will affect their lives and living.

[What initiates their reproduction? How is it that some body can come out of somebody?]
The have what they call ‘sekshuaal intacus’ between the kinds; one kind, the one we call mana-hooman, places a protruding part of his body inside one of the senior wimen and deposits something inside her. The wimena-hooman has an orifice to receive the mana-hooman’s middle protrusion. Apparently it is something they enjoy doing whether or not it leads to new hoomans which we have called ‘babi-hooman’. Additionally, we noticed inter-species coupling. We find that interesting. There are also anomalous intercourses: pseudo-intercourse behaviours between the same kind that naturally leads to nothing by design. They will all die out eventually if they all assumed such anomalous behaviour exclusively.

[Tell me more about interspecies relations]
Perhaps the most interesting thing is that over the five millennia that we’ve been watching them, we have observed, sporadically and severally, seasons when they eliminate one another at various scales by various means. But note that this has occurred both between species and within species. We find this both intriguing and confusing.
Sir, let me just tell you that our scientists have decided that we cannot assuredly always predict their behaviour, particularly on a microscopic and individual scale; they can be both consistently inconsistent and inconsistently consistent.

[Because we need to know how each and every individual will relate with us and their kin if we choose to interact with them, we shall find a way to kill the freeness of their wills and the apparent randomness in their volition. Screw policy.]

No longer looking to fall in love

She had felt so in love with him
It seemed like the feeling was mutual
They had a flow like soulmates
As one before they became one

One indeed afterwards in the closest bond
Their marriage seemed certain to come
But one day life hit her hard—bad
Her heart was cracked by the man of her heart
The meaning inherent in her feelings was left hanging
No route to any end, dangling
She wanted to die—not literally

The story she had lived in was getting unwritten.
A beautiful story had come to frozen
That wouldn’t cover the effusion of emotion
It was much too much to hold
it had to show

No longer looking to fall in love;
All she wanted was sense and decency.
That rapport and spontaneity that consumed her previously ceased to mean anything
It had lost its appeal after the jolt—the jilt

A man came up to her one day
He seemed okay….
No flow and glow
Yet good as okay would go
Sane and decent
She said yes when he proposed

There were no bells and whistles
She wasn’t swept of her feet
Not like she was into him
Feet firmly on the ground and eyes wide open

She had said yes and moved on
Satisfied with her choice
She would give her life but not her heart.
It had been wrapped in a cold blanket

It was a while…
When one day she realised she was liking him especially
A love with emotion was budding
And a warm feeling inside growing

When He Came To Pick Her Up

So my teen-aged daughter tells me that some guy is coming to pick her up. I say okay, you have a date then? She says it’s not a date, that they’re just going to a birthday party. “Daddy, it’s like friends hanging out, but on the way to a party”. I restrain myself from asking the obvious questions. Let the young man get here first. (I assume he’s a young man.)

Hello. Good afternoon sir. [You’d better call me sir, she’s my daughter. Are you ready for the ten commandments?] Hey there, … [and then a hug]. In my mind, I say okay, still. Come inside young man.

The interview commences [not an interrogation]:
Where are you guys going? ….
How do you know her? How do I know her? “Yes, that was the question.” Do you mean like where we met and stuff? [He waits for a response he wouldn’t get, my eyes told him to just talk. Now he is unsettled. That’s good.]
She’s like into sports so we met on the games field at school ….

Tell me a bit about yourself ….

Why are you here?
Em, I guess Ariel told you that already.
Haha. Now answer the question.
Em, we’re just going to a birthday party together.
Okay, I get that, but why are you here??
To pick her up.
Hmm, I see. But why do you have to be here to pick her up.
She asked me to come here to pick her up. [Good girl!]

See, Edward, she doesn’t need you to pick her up. So, tell me what you’re really thinking, with coming to pick her up. [My wife comes to the living room with water and juice. Offers Ed some juice or water. He got the juice, I got the water. She sits adjacent to us both.] Nothing really sir, Ariel asked me to come. Common, H, you’re making our guest uncomfortable with all your questioning.

Ed, I’m Ariel’s mum, and I’m glad to meet you. Thank you ma’am. What’s up for your date today? Date? If you go to pick a lady up at her house to go somewhere with her, you’re on a date with her, silly. Ariel says no dates, but she doesn’t mind hanging out, and asked that I come to her house. [I looove my daughter.] So I’m here. Give me your parents phone numbers. [Yes, we called both of them.]

Hey, Ed, I’m ready. Let’s go. Hope you enjoyed my parent’s company. What do you think about Dad? [In front of me!] Em, em, em, he’s ve-very, very inquisitive. [We all laugh.] And mum? She’s very pretty, and nice. You’re a smooth one boy. Have fun you two.

Ed, come this way a moment. I know my daughter, but I’ve only just met you. So, you need to know my laws, for you, they’re all proscriptive. [My daughter, I trust her.] Come around some other time when you’re not picking her up, okay? Okay sir. And thou shalt not have her back later than one hour to 7 pm. She’s having dinner with us; our own hangout today.

Ariel! Your daaaadddddd!
I know. [Chuckles.] He’s only mad if you threaten, so don’t worry. And you’ve never told me I was pretty. Imagine, you told my mum not me. That’s a no no no. I’m sorry …. You are very pretty. Prettier than my mum? Ooooo I’m just not going to get into trouble here. Smart of you!

Your dad is very possessive, I think. I’ll tell him you said that. Oh no. That was a lip of tongue! I just thought that your dad could pull a gun on me …. Ed, to be sure, he doesn’t need to, I kill you first if you step on my toes. Em, okay [what have I gotten myself into.]

Who else is coming to the party …