To give birth a virgin

It was in the life of Mary

To give birth a virgin

Mother of Jesus

How was that not impossible

Questions to answers we may never fully know

That her hymen was not pierced

Not first by the phallus of a man

When she conceived her child

Relating orally

Petting to keep in virginity

Not the problem of a man

As it slipped through the crack

Artificially inseminated

She lost her virginity

Delivered of a baby

‘I love you’ rings in my head

Thinking of how many times I’ve heard them

Those words, they appear in me now and again

Whether you’re here or some where

‘I love you,’ rings in my head

Don’t use protection …

Following a misdirected thought, the phrase, ‘use protection,’ started sounding like a call to arms. 

And it is easy, with childlike imagination, to think that contraceptives are evil, with that kind of phrase. Kids are smart that way, and kids love kids.  

So don’t use protection. Please.  
A friendlier term, given the need for children, is ‘use prevention,’ even with the interesting attendant pun. Kids like nice and friendly. But prevention still speaks of ew.

‘Use control’ sounds much better, and smarter too. Because it speaks to the purpose of protection; which is what we really mean.  

Roll out the propaganda machine and spread the news: use control.

The Most Basic Wedding

No registries
No holy men to preside over ceremonies
No person to give away the bride
Nobody else to say “I was there”

It would just be a man and a woman cutting a covenant with God as witness. Traditional, court, and religious wedding ceremonies are an enactment of this, with human witnesses.

What if they did not regard God? God would still be witness. Because, it seems, that once the mindset is of marriage, whether or not it is formally recorded or publicly declared, God’s acknowledgment is activated.

So this is what wedding seems to be: when the man and woman agree that they are married, and they seal it with something strong enough to confirm the bond. Two things come to mind: sex and words to the Truth of it. Both affect our spirits.

Adam saw Eve; he married her with his words as she concurred. Such speaking mean something. Words are not ordinary. To Eve, Adam had said, “You are bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh…” Eve must’ve affirmed because their lives afterwards reflected that reality. And they made love, certainly.

There was no one but Adam for Eve to marry and vice versa.
You can marry someone just because they’re available for marriage.
Adam and Eve worked well together, it seems.

Sex — A series of questions

To be aware and mindful of our feelings and thoughts as they evolve, is, in part, to answer some of these questions. To channel our thoughts and feelings where we choose, is also, in part, to answer some of these questions.

What is sex
What is it for
What does it mean
   If it means anything

Does sexual intimacy amount to sex
Doesn’t it
Is it an act of marriage
Isn’t it

Is sex like a recreational sport
Would it mean anything to us
Is it as a hobby
Would it mean something to us

What could it do to one’s mind and will
What could it do to one’s feelings
What does it do to one’s body

God, why all the sweetness with sex
Why is there a link with conception

Is the sex of adultery the same as the sex of marriage
Is premarital sex different from marital sex
Is sex just sex in any context

Does one suffer loss for being single and virgin
Isn’t that virtue
What does sex say
Would it say any thing of one

They haven’t had sex in 45 years
Isn’t sex necessary in marriage
Is it spice we can live without

And there’s more.

Do we see sex as worship
Is it sacred
   An immersion
   A baptism

Inquiring minds want answers. Tempted souls need answers.
How do we handle our fallibility?
What is true even where we know only in part?

We may find that we have no answers to some of the questions. We may find that we can’t precisely say why we’ve chosen some of our answers. We may have defaulted to some authority’s opinions and adopted them as ours. If you find that you want to adopt an authority, you’d probably discover the most stable and consistent answers in some principles elaborated in the Bible. You’ll find scenes from real life soaps: Hosea asked by God to marry a wife of porneia, David stealing an officer’s wife (after he had slept with her and got her pregnant) and sending him to his death etc. You’ll find wise sayings in the Proverbs, and sweetly intimate words between lovers in Songs of Solomon. King Solomon himself was seemingly sexually prolific, with 700 wives and 300 concubines. The way the Bible is able to answer all the questions of life in a finite volume is by dwelling on principles. The principles, in my opinion, are more important than what seem to be the straight answers, particularly in the Old Testament. The New Testament highlights and explains a number of those principles and derives direct answers from them.

On Sex and Marriage

Marriage isn’t fundamentally about maintaining morals and it goes beyond the natural setting for sex, and parenthood. What does it say? That there’s a certain kind of union as behooves male and female that is natural and reflective of humanity’s ascendance to understanding her purpose for existence.

Sex is always a consummation, because, well, it has to be that they complete each other. And that they know each other. To view sex as intimate knowing, and as a consummation, makes it reasonable in some way that sex also be viewed as an act of marriage. But this would then make extramarital sex like marriage and divorce bunched together. Messy.

We know that one plus one equals two is obvious and doesn’t need to be proved (unless you’re French). This is so because it is/becomes self-evident given the description of ‘one’, ‘plus’, and ‘two’. So that we don’t need to prove some relations or equations to be true, rather, we only need a just understanding of their elements and components.

True marriage, and real sex, is necessarily between a natural man, and a natural woman. No other definition of marriage could be true with any other combination of possible elements for that relation. The same goes for real sex; it is between a real man, and a real woman. Every other possible combination is an aberration and contrary to nature in general, and fundamental humanity in particular. The aberrations constitute mans inhumanity to himself.
[An example]

Is sex that which shows marriage?
Certainly not—not in this day and age!
And marriage has got to be more than ‘exclusive’ sex
Because a time may come when all that’s left is companionship
Yet you can be companions without marriage
So marriage has got to be more still

Em, but, sex may indeed be the physical act of marriage because that which is natural to the man fits that which is natural to the woman such that they are as one flesh. And it could, as a result, produce one flesh: a marriage from two gene pools. Not to be taken lightly, but love-ly.

The ovum goes to the womb and is met in its way by a spermatozoon to be fertilized tells us something that the genitals say. That sex, and marriage, is between male and female because they marry and get married—naturally.

‘Philosophy’ can shed light on ‘science’ that may be wrong, and vice versa. Neither is absolutely superior.