The thinking diffence between the Left and the Right

The left lean on feelings; sometimes to the point that they appear to be brainless.
The right focus on ‘right thinking’; sometimes to the point that they appear to be heartless—depending on who’s looking.

Right thinking focuses more on commonsense, the commonsensical, and absolute truths, ideas that left thinking leaves for last when they consider them.

However, there’s no difference between the extreme left and the extreme right: they either connect to nothing at their extremes, or, if a circle is formed from the continuum line of left to right, the extreme left will connect to the extreme right.

When dealing with humans, that we have feeling and freewill and inherent dignity, makes extremes, if at all considered, only useful, if at all useful, in virtual reality for analysis, and for the sake of curiousity.

What drives me, love or fear?

Isn’t it better to be love driven rather than fear driven.

For instance, you could say that because you don’t steal doesn’t mean that you’re kleptophobic (In the broadest sense that it could be understood, a fear of stealing). Rather, it is that you choose to be content with what’s yours and to respect others, their right of ownership and their freedom to retain it. You could say that’s love, for others as well as yourself; no fear in it.