There’s no God but YaHWeH

He is the one God
He is the one Holy
He is the one Perfect
He is Love

Man is free to do as he wills
Yet Your Will is always fulfilled
You are before the beginning and after the end
The colour in my world
The life in our world

All wise
All seeing
All knowing
All powerful
Kind and Merciful
Loyal and Faithful
Just and Righteous
Others have tried to claim your place
But they will always fail
You are the Most High

You are wonderful
And a wonderful friend and Father
Your love is brighter than the sun
Closer than my heart to me
I am joy-full and grateful
That I know You
That I see You
That I feel You

Your son came so that I could also become a son
Jesus Christ came
And gave us His Life
For all these miracles and many many more
I am grateful