Thank You—June 2015

You’ve spared me many pains
  Driving sorrows from my domain
Gracing my days with joy and dancing

Thank you for the Bachata and the Tango
  and for the Rueda de casino
For this beautiful thing called dance
  I am indeed grateful

Your coolness is appreciated
  And I worship you with the dance

When Life Happens

I’m on a journey in time and space,
Since we must get from here to there.
So life needs happen, or else we’re the dead.

The orderings of chance draws one to fortunes and feuds;
Points one to glory and gore;
Asking of the man what he’d dare do.

Every moment, a question,
And a demand to control ourselves.
Every moment, we respond,
And we yield to the laws we’ve accepted.

Woodchuck and Woodpecker

With these little hands of mine
Going along the path of life
And by scratching and scraping even
To make a home in the ground.

With this mighty mouth of mine
Flying through the skies of life
And by poking and pecking even
To find my food in the trees

Taxation Comes by Nature

The root of taxation is as one view of the origin of the soul:
Like the soul emerged from the union of spirit and body, to facilitate the operation of the spirit in the living body as a person, taxation emerged from the formation of community to facilitate the living and operation of a community.

Your country needs you
  Or maybe just your money
There is natural reason to give her some cash
Only one by force
As a result of profits from the land

Tax is a characteristic of community. It is natural to it so that it is contrary to community, even potentially a threat to it, when contributions due are omitted.

That sounds hard
Tax collectors are
What if you don’t have
Then you don’t have to pay

Agreement to coexistence is implicit in community—forced or otherwise. (Read The Plight of Citizenship.) Some come into it; many are born into it. You agreed to pay—by presence. But only justly on the monies made from the land.

What’s my country again
It’s where I pay my taxes
Or where my profits come from
I am a world citizen afterall
But home is where I hang my heart

Me, Perfection, and Lucifer.

I feel great
I’m at the top
Made the perfect score
I’m the preferred
The perfect one
But I am not perfect even
How could I be

I would falsely lay hold on her if I tried
To possess this which is outside my task
And even if somehow
I would transcend in this life
The gulf of our parallel paths
I couldn’t claim perfection still
Because it wasn’t by me

Lucifer, son of the dawn
Brilliant star, as morning light
In one moment you became
As the dark of the night
When you conceived to take
The Place of Yahweh
Maker of your beauty

He’d imagined that he could
Wonderfully fantastic and beautiful
Seeing himself higher than he was
He forgot he wasn’t perfect by himself
Pride was born
He became the devil
He’d chosen to ursurp

So gifted as I am
As oft it would seem
The most preferred
Perfect in your eyes
I remember it is Your grace
That gave me these
So that I do not go
From Lucifer to Devil

Reading: Isaiah 14