He never seems to leave her
because she lives inside;
the pleasant and the hard
and all the shades between.

Touch me,
move me,
hamper me,
heal me;
complicit in where I am today—
where I am tomorrow
if I’ll let.

To choose because of you;
to choose despite you;
you appear as you will
something to relish or leave.







Wine… Everyone has something… Every life is worth living…

It’s been said that red wine furnishes one with nourishment that makes for a healthy heart and long life. Which, if true, makes it a multivitamin syrup or dietary supplement.

God created nature to evolve in a way that provides us with multiple sources of the same necessities for life and living. Whether or not we know about them, can properly access them, or appropriately use them is another matter.

It is the honour and duty of man to discover and/or to appropriate these things and more. That’s what we do when we walk, jog, hop, enjoy, experience, love, talk, hang out, dress up, decorate, design, draw, paint, picture, create, imagine, explore, tour, travel, fly, drive, bike, breathe, see, study, observe, learn, listen, think, ponder, admire, wonder, write, read, research, dig, find, give, receive, smile, make up, marry, make love, grow, build, work, jump, stomp, dance….

Everyone has something.
Every life is worth living.

2 things to being religious. (Episode 2)

1 is doing good, 2 is living good.

True religion is to be there for, and take care of orphans and widows and prisoners and friends and … in their suffering or need, and to guard/recover oneself from the twisting in/of the world. Everyone acts religious (or half-religious) when they choose to do good and live true.

Everyday, in mind, between Michael (the Angel) and Mephistopheles (the Demon) …. Remember those cartoons with the actor torn betwixt. Ideas going to and fro looking for a home. Any thought can fly around, but this bird, I will let land. Her name is Grace. You see the mind where it appears, so does the entity formally known as Lucifer.

Mouth agape! Really not that bad, it was novel and nice. Sure? Sure. Come on, you know you would rather not, but then, you want. Haha, you want. No I don’t! Something else for me please. Period! Try. All gain, what’s the pain. The drain. What the heck! Join this chariot—or not. Shame; high-low. Low-high; grace. Fame and infamy. Stop it, I like it. What am I thinking? Choose quickly. Haste makes waste. Yeah? Maybe, maybe not. Whatever, talk to the hand. Schizophrenia. Duh! I can.

No one is hooked for life, unless by a blood covenant. (Not that ancient thing again!) It leaves the one way out, death, and rebirth—in Christ. Hooked or not, perfect love calls; the one way in, it hooks for life. All’s logical with the right premises. And the premises are true. The Passion of the Christ was about love—something to celebrate. It made for a beautiful story that shall be shared forever.

What stories have I created by doing good and living good? The story of my life is this: I make it what it is. Surely I can continue, moment by moment, everyday; doing, learning, improving, ‘poco a poco?’, steadily. I don’t always feel it, but it’s there, done.

Commitment, commitment; commitment in the pursuit of happiness. “No happiness without commitment.” Commitment to whom, to what, and why? “If the purpose is right, and the heart is whole, and the object is just, then there can be be true love, and full joy.”

Happy Easter holidays; ‘can’t wait.
Happy Pesach. Happy stories.

See episode 1 here.

You can only live life in your head for so long…

… before life in the real necessarily interrupts you and demand that you actually live.

Because living is doing in the present continuous. And unless one is dead, living continues.

Where there is life there is what is, and the hope of a future coming so fast that we are always at future’s edge.