In the spirit of the season 2

In the spirit of the season: Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, the countdown and more. Excerpts and rephrases, from the great book.

Our dances are of celebration; joy dwells in our hearts.
The young woman will rejoice with dancing, young men and old men will join in.
After Boaz ate, drank, and his heart was glad, he goes to lie down at the end of the heap.
Get up! Eat! Be happy!

A feast is made for laughter, and wine makes for mirth.
And we sat down, and the two of us ate and drank together (A date or just chilling or both).
They drank, and made merry with him.
We laughed, we sang, we are one happy people.

Resume your singing, go out dancing, joyfully with the sound of tambours.
God will fill your mouth with laughing, you’ll raise the roof with shouts of joy.
From us, thanksgivings and the sound of merriment, celebration.

A translation of the great book by John Nelson Darby
The Message by Eugene H. Peterson (
Holman Christian Standard Bible (

Forgetting and remembering

To recall temporarily, for any reason, what was stored away or put aside in memory, giving again membership of your consciousness/subconsciousness for a limited time: I remember.

To maintain an open file of a memory, a subconscious utilizable or influencing presence of a previous perception/experience: I have not forgotten.

You don’t always seem to remember my birthday, and you always never forget when I will pass by, so that you can hitch a ride. Why?

There is the knowledge that a memory exists but it is temporarily out of reach, distorted or blurred. This is how she came to lie—the president’s wife.
To ‘not remember’ is the inverse of ‘to remember’ not of ‘to not forget.’

Unable to recall wholly, or at all—as if no memory existed. It’s blotted, I have forgotten.

Recall a previous experience without any emotional content. In fact, just matter-of-factly. What was forgotten, changed even, is the emotion previously associated with the knowledge, perception, or experience.

Laugh at your gaffs—haha. Learn from them—hehehe. How would life be if laughter were an emotion. People could be laughy, or experience laughness, one moment, and not, another.

You don’t want to slap ’em everytime you see ’em: that’s an improvement.
No hiccups; you’ve accepted. I forgive and let go.
You have the answer. I can make an intelligent guess.

Remembering, or not forgetting; not remembering, or forgetting; whatever the case is or we make it, we live with our memories. I let go this and I hold on that; I choose to make the best of those special repeating rapidly firing synapses in my brain.

In the spirit of the season 1

In the spirit of the seasons: Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, the countdown and more. Excerpts, rephrases, from the great book.

Abigail came into the house, where Nabal was holding a banquet fit for a king. Nabal’s heart was merry within him and he was drunken to excess, so she didn’t tell him anything small or great until the wine had gone out of him.
They were eating, drinking and rejoicing.
They left rejoicing, exuberant over all the good God had done.
The king, high on wine ordered … to bring in Queen Vashti, in her royal crown, to show off her beauty for she was extremely attractive.

With sorrow of heart the spirit is broken, but a joyful heart makes a face cheerful.
A miserable heart means a miserable life, but a cheerful heart is a continual feast.
A joyful heart is a good medicine, it promotes healing; a dejected spirit dries up the bones.
So go, seize life! Eat your bread with relish, and drink your wine with a merry heart.

And they will cheer; full of delight, they will send gifts to one another.
Is any happy? Let ’em sing.
Prepare some roast, we’re celebrating with a feast.
And we just had to celebrate—again.

A translation of the great book by John Nelson Darby
The Message by Eugene H. Peterson (
Holman Christian Standard Bible ( )