In Praise of Using the Toilet—To Meditate

Our minds roam free,
Sometimes in fantasy;
Sometimes thinking,
To solve something;
Imagining what could be;
Seated on a toilet seat.

And it’s so with good reason;
because we take a meditative pose,
and focus on easing ourselves such that it clears our minds
and frees it to soar where we have concern.
We come out of the toilet with some clarity,
refreshed after the exercise.

If there’s a concept you should grasp,
but find hard,
take it to the toilet,
you may just come out with insight.

Rather than go to a pub to drink-think through a bind,
get on that seat, reading, and (rel)ease yourself.
Rather than huff, puff, and snuff?
What do you think?

A Natural Place for Thought and Imagination

I’ve been told that the loo is a thought seat. I’d say so too, and with good reason. Sit on it and think through anything. It’s time well spent relieving oneself of an issue.

It seems thay when one does the good deed of cleansing oneself of body dirt. Sitting in the loo, standing over the urinal, or getting the wash in the tub, something else happens. But it becomes hard to savour that alone time when one considers also the food on the fire that would get to burnt toast if one gets lost in thought.