Grateful — March 2017

Didn’t look like a good month half way gone
Looked like I’d end up where I didn’t want
Like a flood it sees me fighting
Finding a way to make better this that I have
It would seem like I suffer
But God knows how it has worked out to my rise

I am grateful for chance

Mysterious almost
That strange luck
I am grateful for open doors
The good fortune that I’ve got

You have made a way

Fortune Has a God

Hey I went all out
To make my own luck
Since fortune has a god
That answers the prayer called work

Hey I got the job
You said dumb luck
But it was just God
That I got favoured

So God of fortune and luck
Answer my wisdom and love
But there are times I have none
So then help me God

Grateful — February 2017

It was the month of love
Now it is gone
Again to come
In a few months

But your love has no bounds
Time and space, irrelevant
Something that shines
Visible on every side
I am grateful for your heart

There were strange dreams
Even this morning
Who to interpret?
I, maybe

There is only good for me
Regardless of what was seen
You will not let fear creep in
Because we think the same things

I am Grateful

That you stand with me with all my crazies
I am Grateful

Grateful — January 2017

How could I be grateful for the good with the grave
They told me she died
I can’t be happy it went bad
What about her child
Left to live with wolves and vampires
You’ve got to make it up to her
As though you had some blame to claim

Who understands it
Man’s true power
How do you manage it

You must be great
Awesome in that way
I see a way to the gates

For the sake of your name
Make a name for yourself
Work your joy in her heart
And may her heart know your joy

You must be great
Awesome in that way
I see a way to the gates
You are faithful

Thank you that you always hear me
I am indeed thankful

3 Kinds of Reminiscence

Reminiscence with gratitude
Reminiscence with regret
Reminiscence with longing

Notice which one you might be doing.

Reminiscence with gratitude is great, health to your soul.

Reminiscence with regret is bitterly painful, and it might hurt your health.

Reminiscence with longing could leave you suspended without foundations, especially if it’s a longing that can’t be met; that’s not good. And if you choose to walk on the ground seeking reexperience, you chose to hold on.

Notice which one you might be doing.

There’s no God but YaHWeH

He is the one God
He is the one Holy
He is the one Perfect
He is Love

Man is free to do as he wills
Yet Your Will is always fulfilled
You are before the beginning and after the end
The colour in my world
The life in our world

All wise
All seeing
All knowing
All powerful
Kind and Merciful
Loyal and Faithful
Just and Righteous
Others have tried to claim your place
But they will always fail
You are the Most High

You are wonderful
And a wonderful friend and Father
Your love is brighter than the sun
Closer than my heart to me
I am joy-full and grateful
That I know You
That I see You
That I feel You

Your son came so that I could also become a son
Jesus Christ came
And gave us His Life
For all these miracles and many many more
I am grateful

Our Glories

In the middle of the night
Reminiscing about the past
With gratitude and nostalgia
About the glories gone by

In the darkness before dawn
Projecting towards the sun
With gratitude and motivation
Towards the glories that come