Thank You—October 2015

It was hard
I know
It is still hard
But we can

Hope makes the sweat sweet
The joy ahead
Our comfort and salve

Yes, thank You for Grace

That’s her name
Grace so sweet
Grace so strong
Grace beautiful
Grace bold
I sing a song with your name
Who else could’ve changed my brain

You made me worthy
Raised me
Gave me foundations to fly
I am free

You qualified me
So that I have You
I have everything I need
Thank you


Thank you


Thank You—February 2015

Thank you for the music and the dance
Thank you for the love of my life
Thank you for what we’ve shared
As You meant it for Christ and Church

Not the perfect past
Been as prodigal before
But like that father
You threw a party at my return

Thank you that I have love to celebrate
To appreciate some ones you have placed in my village
Thank you for this way you showed
And that we follow the same all the way

Thank You—January 2015

Thank you that I still live
    Your mercy comes through for me
        I’ve needed it many many times

Testing your patience, you don’t lose it
    Rather, I feel the pangs of your love and affection

Thank you that I am here
    That you didn’t let the justice of my guilt overwhelm
You had Christ speak for me instead

Thank you that your love speaks such sweet deeds
    Keeps faith with me
        Hopes in the Grace that I made it
It was perfect from the start
  So I’ll thank you always

Beauty is Bestowed on those we Commit Ourselves

Beauty is bestowed on them to whom we commit ourselves; for commitment confers honour, grants privileges, inspires desire, and does sincere deeds. Those we chose to commit to, and so give our graces, are beautified the more in our eyes, and theirs.

Joy to the world and a Merry Christmas to you.