Grateful — November 2017

When you see another rise
Maybe you played a part
Even with a cheer or a prayer
Or maybe with nothing to count
You rejoice and are glad
Glad for the good that has come out
Grateful for the success of another

You formed happiness in me
Sharing the joy in you
Gratitude grew inside
Stirred by the news

I am grateful

Grateful — March 2017

Didn’t look like a good month half way gone
Looked like I’d end up where I didn’t want
Like a flood it sees me fighting
Finding a way to make better this that I have
It would seem like I suffer
But God knows how it has worked out to my rise

I am grateful for chance

Mysterious almost
That strange luck
I am grateful for open doors
The good fortune that I’ve got

You have made a way

Grateful — February 2017

It was the month of love
Now it is gone
Again to come
In a few months

But your love has no bounds
Time and space, irrelevant
Something that shines
Visible on every side
I am grateful for your heart

There were strange dreams
Even this morning
Who to interpret?
I, maybe

There is only good for me
Regardless of what was seen
You will not let fear creep in
Because we think the same things

I am Grateful

That you stand with me with all my crazies
I am Grateful

Forever The Reason

While, as the Eternal, You have neither end of life nor beginning of days;
That you came into the world of man, we can commemorate your birthday.
Happy birthday Jesus the Messiah, we’re glad that You came.
Let us Celebrate!

For the most imperfect person ever
Was born the pure and true forever.
Thank you Christ for coming into this order;
God, You came to live with the children of Adam.

Here to treat humanity
For what killed our immunity
So that we stand blameless and free
Knowing Eternity.


Thank you for reading. And a very Merry Christmas to you.