Tomorrow can be any day tomorrow

I had, for some reason, called the day after a Monday a Monday. So I asked myself, “what should go on tomorrow?” Myself replied, “tomorrow is Wednesday!” Then, I said to myself, “tomorrow can be any day if we look far enough; there’s a Tuesday still to come.” Meanwhile, what’s for this Tuesday has got to go on—now. And this is it.

Today is the day that is
Now is the time that’s real
Where else would one be

Tomorrow is still to come
Yesterday has passed away
Today is the day to live

Between that which is as dead
And that which is as yet
Lives that which must for best

The Internet of Things

Telcos, in addition to their traditional telecommunications services, are now internet service providers, cloud service providers, outsourced IT and customer service providers, media stores, media delivery companies (cable tv, apps, music et al), advertising companies etc. Their services are being integrated with those as of Google galaxy and Microsoft universe (  + Yahoo, Skype, Facebook) among others. Social media platforms are linking with one another and the behemoths too. So integration and collaboration is the game we play here today. Networking social networks.

The experience of the hardware is the software and vice versa; that we know. And steadily the telcoware is fast leaving our sight and becoming fully embedded in our subconscious. Internet — also a soon to be an antiquated word — is disappearing from our consciousness. These things together though, make the system we may call ‘the port,’ our interface to the matrix of others, including the inanimate.

What does the future hold for society in this? Scary opportunities, a new vocabulary, and another new way of life that probably already had been.

Maybe comes a time when telcos cease, or when we make do without them. Maybe comes a time when everything is matrix capable, and the interfaces are self-organised to the point of making ICANN and central organization irrelevant.
Maybe we won’t need displays anymore because they could be inside us — chips anyone? The blind shall see and the deaf shall hear — everything about the world from anywhere, in their heads.
Maybe, just maybe … is true.

You can only live life in your head for so long…

… before life in the real necessarily interrupts you and demand that you actually live.

Because living is doing in the present continuous. And unless one is dead, living continues.

Where there is life there is what is, and the hope of a future coming so fast that we are always at future’s edge.