The Happiness of Commitment

One of the purest, or truest, expressions of love is commitment. What’s romantic in the modern sense about commitment? Sounds dry compared to passion, and laughter, and fun, and ….
It says in a way that love may not be sweet all the time, but still pleasing, regardless. It agrees that feelings matter, but are not everything. Inside commitment, we find care, respect, knowledge, and responsibility. Foundation for a lifetime of bliss; happiness, if you will.

‘Spanked my children sometimes, yet they run to me every time. Sometimes I feel that they see much more than I could, or would, having grown up and all. I want to be as a kid again. Their eyes are one with their hearts. And the light of love comes out of them so bright that I wonder; I could almost cry for joy for the sight of such beauty. Love is beautiful. I am happy for it.

They see me or their mother changing their diapers in the fellowship of the perfume of ‘pu.’ They see love. We instruct, correct, train, shout, ground, support, hail, carry … And they see love. We go out and come home: it’s all love. I am happy for it.

It was exciting when they met; they could barely keep away from each other for any length of time. They tied the knot, children followed, …. He owned her; she owned him; both of them slaves to their commitment. Where is the love? It is here, in who we are now. I am happy for it.

If we let go of some joys, it was to great joy because it came out of love. We have a new happiness despite the daily grind. It has come with its own excitement and reward. You will see it clearly if you want to be one. It will be ‘easy’ because you are one; there shall be no regrets. Perfect love, the great book says, sets all fears aside. … For you did not receive a spirit of fear, but of power, of love, and of wise discretion. [1 John 4:18, 2 Tim 1:7]

The Purpose of Law

The need for law is the need to make a man a certain kind of man; to make a society a certain kind; to make a system a certain kind. It says that the man, or the system, has a potential/tendency to decay, deteriorate, or dissipate energy wastedly; to attain to an undesirable state, one that flows from the opposite of truth or the accepted facts.

What are we really doing when we make laws for our children and ourselves?
Every law that the government produces makes a statement, not just of what is legal, but also of what we should aspire to: how it wants us to be. Law is a codification of the ethics (imposed rules) of our existence, citizenship, and residence.

The purpose of law is to make the perfect man; the purpose of law is to make the ideal citizen; the purpose of law is to make the ideal society. But the ideal does not exist where the law exists, otherwise there would be no need for law.

If full love ruled, then perfection would be real. Husbands, fully love your wives, and wives, your husbands. (Love for your children is implicit in loving your spouse.) Imperfect people leading ideal lives.

So the law functions to train one’s conscience. Your conscience is the arbiter of personal convictions. Convictions which may be of truth, or falsehood in the guise of facts or feelings. The law trains us, like the media tries to do.

Thank You—May 2015

I’m so grateful for the grace and mercy
that family have represented to me
I’m happy that I’m of benefit to them beyond being blood
Beyond the covenant that we share

From birth till now
and certainly tomorrow
the warmth of family warms my heart
to appreciation


Thinking it
Feeling it
   Doing it

To family beyond blood
As kindred spirits
Friends of my heart
‘Tis gratitude that ye are

Dialogues of a Certain Mr and Mrs

She came in to music
The tangos that she loves
Lifting her to a high
In the house of her home

He had put them in a playlist
listening and enjoying
The massage of the music
Waiting without waiting
For the wife of his heart

We see
We smile
We talk
We kiss
We hug
We talk
We laugh
We talk
We smile
We dance
We laugh
We talk
We kiss
We kiss
We talk
We laugh
We play

Have u eaten?
Yes. ‘Couldn’t wait, ’twas getting late.
Are u hungry?
Not really,
Snacked on chocolat an hour ago.
I would have you though.
Well, I’m in your grip.
Heaven, I know
You know what I mean.

A kiss
More silence

The silence of peace
The peace of communion
The communion of spirits
The spirit of marriage
At home in their arms
And in their lives intertwined

It’s 20 years already
That’s so true
You were up quite early. Couldn’t sleep?
Did I wake you?
You do sleep like a guard
I can’t move in bed without your notice
O O O O hhehehe
It’s unlike you
Aaaaa had a nap yesterday evening
So had to wake up too early

Took more time than usual for my prayers
You were in prayer four hours and more
Haha, well …
We do love HIM
Yes we do
And there was much to be said
Any desire in your heart
I’m one with you in it
We’ll see things unfold in their time
Tell me! Don’t being cryptic
Ooooo it was …. and the usual
Up for more?
My time now
That would be later
Have fun

It’s been 30 years
And I’ve never wanted for sweetness from your lips
Your kiss isn’t just a kiss
Your sigh isn’t just a sigh
The fundamental covenant still applies as time goes by

How would I cease to write
When I have you in my soul
Your love stirs my mouth to say these words
Stirs my thoughts to write them down
To speak of your beauty and your charm
Of your heart and your mind
And the quirks that are so just you

How would I cease to speak
When I have inspiration that is you
One whom I love fully
For whom, I died and live truly

The flow of nature is this
Everything running its course
My being and my living revolves around you

You are my joy from God
Mercy and grace to me

Are we going out to dine tonight?
Let’s stay home today
It’s a Saturday!
And the kids might want to give us a surprise of some sort
Hhehehe, no surprise there 🙂
🙂 True 🙂

Our plan is ours to make. Their’s is their’s
They’ll find a way to thrill us I’m sure
You taught them well
We’ll go out tomorrow then

You marry and live for your spouse
You have kids and live for them too

The children, the children
Leave them alone
They’ve left us home alone
I miss them
Me too
But I’ve always missed you more when you were away
We go together then?

Right, we’re not God
Why worry so much
We did do our best
And the gaffes
O God help us
Well, actually, He has

The ball’s in their court now
We can’t stop being parents
The have brains
Sometimes we suspend wisdom
Or don’t know what to do
Like us at different times
Haha, yes
I remember …

You were a little jittery
Dragging your words initially
But I had said yes looong before you asked
You deserve a smack again for waiting so long
It’s a happy day so I’ll do that tomorrow
Our day is 50 years old you know 🙂
Haha, indeed
I love you

After We Got Married

After I got married
Everything I had
Ceased to be just mine
It was my spouse’s too

After you got married
Everything you did
Was more than for you
It was for spouse too

After we got married
We indeed got married
From everything we were
One life emerged

It was only two hours but it was enough (V2)

There was so much to say; so much to talk about.
It’s been quite a few years between then and now.

My! Ma cher, you’re all grown up!
And still the eight year old wonder I used to know.
You’re not much changed,
But no longer a little woman.

Chuckles and giggles and all sorts of laughter heralded our walk.
They hopped with us the two hours as we went along.

There was still much not said;
There was not all shared.
It could’ve almost never ended.
Time and chance seemed unfair,
But we were grateful for the time and the chance.
It wasn’t about words.

I have to leave now.

– signed, granpa

It was only two hours, but it was enough.

My! Ma cher, you’re all grown up.
And still the eight year old wonder I used to know.
You’re not much changed,
But no longer a little woman.

Chuckles and giggles and all sorts of laughter heralded our walk.
They hopped with us the two hours as we went along.

There was so much to say, so much to talk about.
It’s been quite a few years between then and now.

There was still much not said;
There was a lot to share.
It could’ve almost never ended.
Time and chance seemed unfair,
But we were grateful for the time and chance.

It wasn’t about words.

I have to leave now.

– signed, gran-p

Television; the Internet; the internet of things.

It played a significant part in my upbringing the man said. His teenaged daughter responded, “when I am married with my teen kids, I’d tell them same of the internet.” They’d grow up with the internet too you know, said her father. Ah pops, who knows what new thing will evolve and grip people’s lives by that time. We watch television, but the internet is such a powerful competitor for our attention and it provides a credible alternative to living vicariously via TV. Its more real, it’s realtime, and allows for way more personal expression. You’ve gone all romantic about it my little lass; hard to think of anything to beat the internet. Old man dad, I pray you live to see my grandchildren. You’ll see the new norms then and think back to now. Hey young woman, I am not old!!! Hehehe, so you say, so you say; it’s what you think that matters, right? Anyway, the internet of things seems to be a viable next step in its evolution to the point that it would overshadow the internet as we know it now. It would still be there, but invisible to the point of nonexistence. It’s already happening and it was proclaimed by the creation of IP version 6. Slooooow down, you just lost me there scholar. Well Sir young daddy I was just talking about how the internet would evolve and be used in the near future, and an underlying enabling technology for this. Ha! My little baby has so grown fast and into a smart mademoiselle. Daddy please stop with the reminiscence and nostalgia she said with a grin, remembering fun times with daddy and mummy from days gone by. I’d really like to be regarded as I am now, a big girl. Well miss, when you get to be a parent, you can choose to not savour the memories and joys of raising your kids. And I doubt that you’d choose to deny yourself that pleasure. She jumped on him and hugged him tightly with her eyes slightly tearing. I love you daddy, and I love mummy too, sooo much. You’ve given us reason to doubt that a few times though. Same here too pops, taskmaster, know all, kill-joy and what else. Yeah yeah and ’tis all for my good, I know, she said, loosening the hug. Missy? Yes dad. Seeing you have such a broad selection of words in your personal vocab, you could also paint our parenthood in a little more positive light to our hearing and not just to your mates. Em, daddy. Yes? What were we talking about before we got here all emotional and stuff? Oh that the TV will always be there to distract you from homework and housework if you let it. And remember our previous talk about the internet? Heaven, how could I forget with mum on my case everyday. Good. Now, off you go big girl, your turn to cook dinner for the family.