Winning the War — Easter

Did losing the battle mean winning the war? Or was it just a loss on the way to the victory that ended all battles.

One example of the former:
The fight was real but it was at the same time contrived to ensure the victory that sealed the fate of all, according to their choices. God in His wisdom provided a quasi Trojan horse solution to the desire of man for the otherwise unattainable true nirvana.

Today is indeed a good (Fri)day: we commemorate the battle that won the war; the battle where the Protagonist died. “It is finished,” He said. And it was so. And He came back alive!

Happy holidays.


Grateful — March 2017

Didn’t look like a good month half way gone
Looked like I’d end up where I didn’t want
Like a flood it sees me fighting
Finding a way to make better this that I have
It would seem like I suffer
But God knows how it has worked out to my rise

I am grateful for chance

Mysterious almost
That strange luck
I am grateful for open doors
The good fortune that I’ve got

You have made a way

Fortune Has a God

Hey I went all out
To make my own luck
Since fortune has a god
That answers the prayer called work

Hey I got the job
You said dumb luck
But it was just God
That I got favoured

So God of fortune and luck
Answer my wisdom and love
But there are times I have none
So then help me God

Grateful — February 2017

It was the month of love
Now it is gone
Again to come
In a few months

But your love has no bounds
Time and space, irrelevant
Something that shines
Visible on every side
I am grateful for your heart

There were strange dreams
Even this morning
Who to interpret?
I, maybe

There is only good for me
Regardless of what was seen
You will not let fear creep in
Because we think the same things

I am Grateful

That you stand with me with all my crazies
I am Grateful

Making a Way: Let There Be Christmas

Dear Julia,

There’s something that God would make along with man on the sixth day: Christmas. It took some time to come though. But till forever, we will celebrate His birth — Jesus the Christ.

Even if you’re not Christian [yet] meditating on this song (see below for made a way by Travis Greene) can help your appreciation of the depth of meaning for Christians that is encapsulated in Christmas.

Of course there’s some backstory, and you probably know some if not all of it already. Regardless of whether you know Him or not, have a truly merry Christmas weekend. And may it lead to lasting joys and happiness.



Because the world…

Back away
Fight another day
Would it sway your way again
Because the world has moved away

Take the step and remain
Change the time and refrain
Things will not stay the same
Because the world has moved again

It’s the dance that we play
I lead and she trails
If she leads I race
Because the world is a moving train

Not a ride we should take
If we want to win the race
Take the pain of the narrow way
Because the world would lead astray

Holding on to these rails
Down a hill up a mountain
Where is the level way
Because the world has a say

I could never earn your heart

‘Loyal’ lyrics, sung by Lauren Daigle, with some thoughts and meditations (in parentheses). The song was written by Jason Ingram, Paul Mabury, and Jonas Myrin.

I could never earn Your heart
(Your love came of its will; unconditional)
I could never reach that far
(I am not perfect, and beauty gets old)
But You have pulled me close
(You want me, and have come close)
You’ve never let me go
(You always want me, and you stay close)
I’m safe forever in Your arms
(You hold me, keep me, keep my trust, protect my soul)
Your promises I can not break
(You promised; You keep your promises)
And I know You will never change
(You remain the same, with that constant essence)

Your love is, Your love is
Your love is loyal
Your love is, Your love is
Your love is loyal
More faithful than the rising sun
(Sure as sure can be)
This grace for me I can’t outrun
(I could never get too far gone)
Your love is, Your love is
Your love is loyal

You are always there for me
(Always on my side, helping every time, and rooting for me)
You listen every time I speak
(Everything I have to say matters to you)
You look into my eyes
(I am something to you; you see me)
You see the things I hide
(I am naked before You; You know me inside out)
And say that You will never leave
(You choose to stay, loving me all the same, regardless of anything)
Your promises I can not break
(You said it, and you’ve done it)
And I know You will never change
(I can rely on you; trust your love)

Your love is, Your love is
Your love is loyal
Your love is, Your love is
Your love is loyal
More faithful than the rising sun
(Certain, as certain can be)
This grace for me I can’t outrun
(Your loving-kindness reaches to my depths and limits)
Your love is, Your love is
Your love is loyal

When my world shakes
(‘Shit’ happens, and sometimes I falter)
Your love remains unshaken
(No shaking, Love is not moved)
So constant, so perfect, unwavering
(Unashamed to be with me, raising me)
When my world falls
Your love remains unfailing
(Facing failure and shame, you remain my help and comforter)
So constant, so perfect, unwavering
(unafraid to face my reality; you are with me while I grow, as I grow, making me grow)
So constant, so perfect, unwavering
(Your love is always with me, for me, for you)

Your love is, Your love is
Your love is loyal
Your love is, Your love is
Your love is loyal
More faithful than the rising sun
(steady, stable, and loyal to me and your word)
This grace for me I can’t outrun
(Your love is active; follows, stays, persists with me )
Your love is, Your love is
Your love is loyal


Information, Being, and Living

From information theory, we might want to say these things relating to life, nature, and society. Each thought has significant consequences.

Wherever there is change, information has been generated or effected. This is the establishment of purpose and meaning, since a destination becomes implied by change, or because of it.

E.g. Movement (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual …).

Every change is a cause. And we change as we move, exercise, take action, make action….

Change, or information, does not have to be perceived for it to exist. However, that it exists should mean that it is perceivable.

E.g. The cycle of cell replacement in the body. Healing and repentance. Impression of righteousness, faith, hope, love….

A state of constancy (like a change with difference only in time) is itself information: speaking either of a powerful inertia, or of a balance of influences. Constancy tells one that another can be trusted to be/do ….

E.g. Attitudes and character. God. Commonsense. Physics. Satan. Chemistry. Fidelity. Biology.

If an apparently random system, or system far from equilibrium, continuously produces information, then over time, that system will arrive at an equilibrium position or system (even if complex).

E.g. The development of the United States. Origin of the world. Rockefeller’s increase in wealth. Socialism. Scientology. Increase in people giving away their virginity during their teenage years. Gluttony in food, drink etc. Divorce. Social organisation ….