Children and the Not Impossible

I was seated on the rail, and the little boy asked me to do a back flip to the other side of the stairs. Gosh, why should he think that? And I said it wasn’t safe to do so. Of course, I wouldn’t add that I couldn’t. What would he think? Then he answered that the power rangers could. Oh, television, making kids believe the not impossible but dangerous thing again. So I told him that that was the power rangers, that it was television, and that they weren’t real. He got quiet for a moment, and then turned to face the others who would believe the power rangers fantastic. I envied him.

When Children Come to Parent their Parents

Parents brimming with every good feeling at having their new born and seeing them grow.
Grown children brimming with every good feeling seeing their parents even as they grow older.
A time comes when the parents’ role gets its inverse and exists concurrently with it.