From Old to New

If old is that which was and no longer is, except in memory, then, new is what is, regardless of how long it has been. It is current.

If old is what is fading away; visible but no longer the fad or fashion, then, new is what seems to be becoming common, coming into fashion, or becoming the fad.

So that what is new might remain so or become old.
So that what is old might remain so or become new.

There’s a war now, evolutionary in nature, where the aspiring new seek to replace the current new, to so make it old; where the old seek to come back as new.

Marketers, advertisers, fashion houses and change seekers ask themselves these questions: How do we make the now new old? How do we make the old new again? How do we keep the new, new, and the old, old? How do we maintain our relevance, and business?