MSc Control Systems One-Year Sample Time Table

The file below presents a course selection and time-table for a one-year masters course in control systems engineering. The duration is typical in UK universities and is primarily targeted at them. However, the thinking behind the operation of the programme and scheduling design, may be useful for the 2-year programmes common in other countries.

The course selection is simple:
1 – Linear Systems and Control.
2 – Data-based modelling and Control
3 – Nonlinear Systems and Control.
4 – Optimisation in Control.
5 – Specification and Implementation of Control Systems.

The rationale for their selection is a focus on methods for the two classes of systems, the increasing importance of the control engineer being able to model from data, and a key performance requirement which is optimal operation given available resources. Mathematical modelling isn’t given major priority because such models may be obtained from domain experts or a simple search on the internet and ‘tweaked’ for suitability. So the focus would be on understanding how they are derived and how they may be ‘tweaked.’ The fifth item speaks to the fact that being able to design control algorithms is not enough, one must be able to specify, design, and implement them.

2014-2015 MSc Control Systems Sample Course Calender

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