Grateful — May 2017

Thank you for having my back
And for getting me back from bad
When I made foolishness for friend
Seeing differently by prejudice

I’m still grateful with my history and upbringing

Now I laugh
Not just within
There’s a grin
I’m relaxing in a bath

Who could tell how this would end
Well, it ended well
Thank You for having my back
And for leading me into bliss

You’re helping me make my fate
It’s a good way
For the medley in May
I am grateful

Grateful — March 2017

Didn’t look like a good month half way gone
Looked like I’d end up where I didn’t want
Like a flood it sees me fighting
Finding a way to make better this that I have
It would seem like I suffer
But God knows how it has worked out to my rise

I am grateful for chance

Mysterious almost
That strange luck
I am grateful for open doors
The good fortune that I’ve got

You have made a way

Grateful — February 2017

It was the month of love
Now it is gone
Again to come
In a few months

But your love has no bounds
Time and space, irrelevant
Something that shines
Visible on every side
I am grateful for your heart

There were strange dreams
Even this morning
Who to interpret?
I, maybe

There is only good for me
Regardless of what was seen
You will not let fear creep in
Because we think the same things

I am Grateful

That you stand with me with all my crazies
I am Grateful

Our Glories

In the middle of the night
Reminiscing about the past
With gratitude and nostalgia
About the glories gone by

In the darkness before dawn
Projecting towards the sun
With gratitude and motivation
Towards the glories that come

The Unknown Soldier

The inscription on the tomb of the unknown soldier in Tel Aviv, Israel:

Here lies Abraham Schwartz
Died 1973 During Arab-Israeli War
A good Soldier and Jeweller

It seems like a contradiction: he was the unknown soldier, yet known as a jeweller. The inscription on his tomb, like a paradox as of the noble-servant, speaks to two truths back to back as the sides of a coin.

Every soldier has a name, he/she was born somewhere, and grew into their identity. People and human like everybody else, their noble calling and the calling of the kings makes them figures of a chess board.

Like the regular citizen to civil servants and senators.
And on edge; characteristic of their membership.

Maybe it’s just a job. But we know that it isn’t just any job.

Specially, they are worthy of national honour. (We may interpret this as tax exemptions, free education, guaranteed pensions etc.) Because they have the kingly call to heed the call of the kings, to life or death, they who stand for their nation as them also.

Life in the military makes one the sacred property of the government, and by extension their people. The person, the tomb, and the inscription tells a story succinctly: one aspect of membership of the military in the midst of conflict, particularly.

This is the season of the armed forces remembrance day in Nigeria. In this season, let us remember the sacrifice that is the military, the sacrifices that it is for their families, and purpose again to remember always to show honour and kindness to them as persons and a group.

Forever The Reason

While, as the Eternal, You have neither end of life nor beginning of days;
That you came into the world of man, we can commemorate your birthday.
Happy birthday Jesus the Messiah, we’re glad that You came.
Let us Celebrate!

For the most imperfect person ever
Was born the pure and true forever.
Thank you Christ for coming into this order;
God, You came to live with the children of Adam.

Here to treat humanity
For what killed our immunity
So that we stand blameless and free
Knowing Eternity.


Thank you for reading. And a very Merry Christmas to you.

Thank You–December 2015

The last days of the end
Beckoning, the next
Twenty-sixteen, the leap
‘Twas a beautiful season
I look back and see
How far I came to be

Thank You for everything
That there was always something
And something to be thankful for
when clouds covered the sun
And the stars hid their shine
That still, I came to be

Made progress everywhere
‘Did my bit to make you swell
More than money and achievements
There was that experience
I’ve seen what You meant
What you meant by Eternal

Light with the tunnel
Light all around
Something of Heaven down here
And I saw more than a sign
The Eternal in man
Thank You for Heaven on earth