Discussing Talk

Though I would talk with you
You’d rather discuss with me
I want to talk to you
Discusing to you is impossible

I’m talking
You talk back
We’re talkimg to each other

I’m talking
you heard me
and responded
I heard you

It was nice discussion


​Grateful — November 2017

When you see another rise
Maybe you played a part
Even with a cheer or a prayer
Or maybe with nothing to count
You rejoice and are glad
Glad for the good that has come out
Grateful for the success of another

You formed happiness in me
Sharing the joy in you
Gratitude grew inside
Stirred by the news

I am grateful

The Marriage Proposal

I commit to have with you only
Of spirit and soul and body
Of living
Of life
Of possession
Of fellowship
If you would have me similarly
And so choose to marry me
We’ll seal it before the Spirit
By our word and our heart

I could never earn your heart

‘Loyal’ lyrics, sung by Lauren Daigle, with some thoughts and meditations (in parentheses). The song was written by Jason Ingram, Paul Mabury, and Jonas Myrin.

I could never earn Your heart
(Your love came of its will; unconditional)
I could never reach that far
(I am not perfect, and beauty gets old)
But You have pulled me close
(You want me, and have come close)
You’ve never let me go
(You always want me, and you stay close)
I’m safe forever in Your arms
(You hold me, keep me, keep my trust, protect my soul)
Your promises I can not break
(You promised; You keep your promises)
And I know You will never change
(You remain the same, with that constant essence)

Your love is, Your love is
Your love is loyal
Your love is, Your love is
Your love is loyal
More faithful than the rising sun
(Sure as sure can be)
This grace for me I can’t outrun
(I could never get too far gone)
Your love is, Your love is
Your love is loyal

You are always there for me
(Always on my side, helping every time, and rooting for me)
You listen every time I speak
(Everything I have to say matters to you)
You look into my eyes
(I am something to you; you see me)
You see the things I hide
(I am naked before You; You know me inside out)
And say that You will never leave
(You choose to stay, loving me all the same, regardless of anything)
Your promises I can not break
(You said it, and you’ve done it)
And I know You will never change
(I can rely on you; trust your love)

Your love is, Your love is
Your love is loyal
Your love is, Your love is
Your love is loyal
More faithful than the rising sun
(Certain, as certain can be)
This grace for me I can’t outrun
(Your loving-kindness reaches to my depths and limits)
Your love is, Your love is
Your love is loyal

When my world shakes
(‘Shit’ happens, and sometimes I falter)
Your love remains unshaken
(No shaking, Love is not moved)
So constant, so perfect, unwavering
(Unashamed to be with me, raising me)
When my world falls
Your love remains unfailing
(Facing failure and shame, you remain my help and comforter)
So constant, so perfect, unwavering
(unafraid to face my reality; you are with me while I grow, as I grow, making me grow)
So constant, so perfect, unwavering
(Your love is always with me, for me, for you)

Your love is, Your love is
Your love is loyal
Your love is, Your love is
Your love is loyal
More faithful than the rising sun
(steady, stable, and loyal to me and your word)
This grace for me I can’t outrun
(Your love is active; follows, stays, persists with me )
Your love is, Your love is
Your love is loyal


The Happiness of Commitment

One of the purest, or truest, expressions of love is commitment. What’s romantic in the modern sense about commitment? Sounds dry compared to passion, and laughter, and fun, and ….
It says in a way that love may not be sweet all the time, but still pleasing, regardless. It agrees that feelings matter, but are not everything. Inside commitment, we find care, respect, knowledge, and responsibility. Foundation for a lifetime of bliss; happiness, if you will.

‘Spanked my children sometimes, yet they run to me every time. Sometimes I feel that they see much more than I could, or would, having grown up and all. I want to be as a kid again. Their eyes are one with their hearts. And the light of love comes out of them so bright that I wonder; I could almost cry for joy for the sight of such beauty. Love is beautiful. I am happy for it.

They see me or their mother changing their diapers in the fellowship of the perfume of ‘pu.’ They see love. We instruct, correct, train, shout, ground, support, hail, carry … And they see love. We go out and come home: it’s all love. I am happy for it.

It was exciting when they met; they could barely keep away from each other for any length of time. They tied the knot, children followed, …. He owned her; she owned him; both of them slaves to their commitment. Where is the love? It is here, in who we are now. I am happy for it.

If we let go of some joys, it was to great joy because it came out of love. We have a new happiness despite the daily grind. It has come with its own excitement and reward. You will see it clearly if you want to be one. It will be ‘easy’ because you are one; there shall be no regrets. Perfect love, the great book says, sets all fears aside. … For you did not receive a spirit of fear, but of power, of love, and of wise discretion. [1 John 4:18, 2 Tim 1:7]

Don’t use protection …

Following a misdirected thought, the phrase, ‘use protection,’ started sounding like a call to arms. 

And it is easy, with childlike imagination, to think that contraceptives are evil, with that kind of phrase. Kids are smart that way, and kids love kids.  

So don’t use protection. Please.  
A friendlier term, given the need for children, is ‘use prevention,’ even with the interesting attendant pun. Kids like nice and friendly. But prevention still speaks of ew.

‘Use control’ sounds much better, and smarter too. Because it speaks to the purpose of protection; which is what we really mean.  

Roll out the propaganda machine and spread the news: use control.

A love-hate-love relationship

First you loved her, then you hated her. And then again you loved her, and hated her after that, even more so a little later. Then you loved her again, coming to hate her eventually some time later. And finally, you loved her, accepting your choice.

At first it was easy, then it became a little challenging, slowing you down. A little later with a spurt of will, you picked up pace and continued, seeking to be diligent, but it got harder. It demanded persistence and you gave it that, until you hit a brick wall and got quenched. You came back again to climb over the wall in a breakthrough, going on for a while and slowly getting weary. Finally you let go and say, “I love you anyways.”