I need you — Just because

I need you because I want you;
the converse could be stressful.

I want you because I want to love you;
I want to love you because—just because.

Je ne sais quoi.

In absolute terms, God does not appear to need man;
yet he lives and acts as though he does—just because.

To Call Oneself is to Find One’s Calling

To call oneself to a calling,
isn’t that how many folks have found their calling?
For to discover one’s calling is to accept one—to choose it.

If a person lets go of, or loses, their raison d’être, that person has chosen to leave a life and associated living, for another—perhaps untold—one. That amounts to a change in living that is also of calling.

A person’s raison d’être, whether inherited or learned, determined or undiscovered, or chosen even, forms a dynamo that propels them in their calling. Whether or not ones quest for their life calling or purpose is driven by religion or faith, it is certain that they’re living their calling now, even before they’ve found that calling to move to. You can change your calling.

For many, their calling has simply been to deal with life as it comes; to make the most of living, per time and per chance. They simply live their calling.

To call oneself is to find one’s calling;
for to purpose oneself, is to choose ones call.

How you will be

Who you want to be
by what you think you ought to have
How you want to be
by who you think you ought to be

Who will you be
By what you want others to think or not
How will you be
By what you feel you see you think
By what you feel you think you see
From what you see you sense you see