The Writer

Teaching is delightful and a great exercise in learning.
The teacher’s reward is on earth.

Engineering is art too and it’s beautiful.
The simple control is richer if not also better than the complicated one.

Afro-Latin dances make good sense.
Dance Cuban salsa.
Argentine tango stands head and shoulders above all.

Practice Tai Chi Chuan for whatever reason.

National treasure: a movie I might want to watch a third time.
There’s something about ‘Lord of the Rings’: it rings truth in layers.

Impressionism. Impressionism. Impressionism. Impressive!
Modern art, in some realisations, borders on barbarism.

No finer art than fine art; no art finer than fine art.
Poetry is fine art; it is made up of lines.
Line drawings are fantastic, and the watercolours are simply beautiful.