The boring and the bored might just be the same person

Many seemingly boring things and ambiance are not boring by themselves: the sheer delight a kid might have playing with an eraser might point at this. So if you find someone, or some activity, or some scene etc, boring, it could be more from you than anything else.

Lazy-bored, scared-bored, clueless-bored, nothing-to-do bored, alone-bored, uninterested-and-would-not-try bored, …. The boring and the bored might just be the same person.

Consider one of the most boring places to be: prison, in solitary confinement. (Norway did well for Breivik by providing books and a gym so that he is as under house arrest in prison.) Could one actually spend a whole week there alone without idling, feeling bored. Yes? No? Unreasonable? How about a day then.


A lot of us were taught that our emotions needed to be massaged from the outside. And that if that wasn’t the case, that the external stimulus was boring. Yet if our minds read some things differently (wisely, correctly, perhaps) we could be happier and less bored in the same situation. And such that some of the things that we had craved to relieve loneliness and boredom would seem less necessary.

So when boredom comes, is it us or is it not. Either way, we don’t need to stay there, and we don’t need any extreme sports either. Shouldn’t it be that there’s a lot more to life and happiness than externally driven thrills. But then, living without some excitement from outside? That seems unnatural.