Proteins are Delicious Drugs

That’s perhaps stating the obvious, but I recently came to an awareness of this. There must be something of the character of drugs in any food that tastes really really nice when only salt (and onions?) has been added on cooking.

(Also, it might be a good test for protein content, to grill and taste the contestants. You know how grilled potatoes taste. Compare that with grilled fish. No contest.)

There’s this thing called dopamine in the brain, engineering reward (aka pleasure) feelings, and therefore repeat (a la temptation). Its ‘dop,’ and I think because it is an amine. Proteins get broken down into amino acids for use by the body. In the right path, we might end up, actually, drugged.

By the way, who likes beans?

Put two and two together: our enjoyment of roast beef and fried chicken makes brain sense. Proteins are delicious because of the way the brain interprets their presence. From taste alone, we feel high pleasure.