Pictures of a Woman

Spirit and essence
Not as that of a man
Salient presence
With the mammary glands

Mother nature
You contain man
Soul Incubator
No woman, no child

She has that pose
Ornament of adipose
Hips, laps, and smile
Equal of man
And his drug
Spirited poetry
All she is and does
Her walk and words

Gathering potential
As a glacier
Into an avalanche
Superheated steam
And a calm
She wells deep within
Volcano in rapture
Lava passion

He may be stronger
But she can talk
Argue with her?
She has oral brawn

Bones that are different
That she walks in sways
That makes man praise
The vision of her
Saying that this is she
“Flesh of my flesh,” maybe
Stranger, sister, mother
We hail your Maker