A Valentine to a Stranger

I know who you are
Though we seem to have not met
But how could I tell
If I weren’t deceiving myself

I could be sure
Because you lie inside me
Waiting till the day we met
The day that our souls agreed
On the way to heaven
And into the deep

I am not sure what gift to give today
Beyond these words that I speak
It matters that you love it though
Because it was I who gave it

The chocolate is in the box
I would eat it before the time
And savour it alone, alone
But we shall still share it
Pineapples and ice cream too
When the time comes
When the time comes for us

I cannot fully say what you are like
It’s a mystery that we shall soon discover
Celebrate even
Could I also tell what you like
It is only the sense of you that I have
As we have yet to meet
But we’ve loved each other already
Ready for when we agree