Love and Self-defence

Self-defence is an act of love, both for self and for the antagonist:
You prevent yourself from hurt, and prevent the attacker from committing a crime that may increase his guilt. Though, spiritually speaking, he is fully guilty, legally, his guilt is limited to that associated with the attack and it’s success or failure.

The Bible says to love your neighbour as yourself: It may mean that, as you can (or should) do whatever you legitimately can to prevent yourself from effecting a crime, you should also do what you  legitimately  can to prevent your neighbour from doing same, if it is just and wise for you to do so.

It becomes necessarily just and wise if your neighbour tries to make you a victim and leaves you no room to manoeuvre. In the heat, you may not see an escape even if a workable one exists. Regardless, you need to prevent yourself from becoming the victim, and/or help your ‘neighbour’ realise that he/she ought not sear his/her soul further. Prevent them from successfully creating a crime against you. And all out of love.