Too Much Vitamin A

The body makes vitamin A
from the beta-carotenes it takes.
That you wouldn’t get the overdose
from the reds, greens and yellows.

Too Much Vitamins.
There is such a thing.
But it comes from supplements;
pills that make us feel healthy.

In the south where we live
our stews and soups have tomatoes and leaves:
A dash of peppers and palm oil
over the reds, yellows and greens
blending with homes of beta-carotenes.
We eat a soup or stew with almost everything.

But it comes fortified with vitamins,
vitamin A inclusive.
In salt, pasta, milk …
Almost everything processed we eat
But we doubt that we need it
‘cos what we eat daily tells it

Hypervitaminosis A; nasty.
And there are others,
but this one makes the least sense
for those in the cocoon of our cooking culture.
Why give the body frozen fish,
when it can make it fresh to eat.

Maybe there are some
that for them the rest is loaded,
hopefully, beneath the excess:
The ill of hypervitaminosis A.
Should we be careful the vitamins we eat.
And are they driving us sick.