No Physical Markets Needed Anymore?

What would happen if we only had e-markets or i-stores: like Amazon, Ebay, Jumia, all the ‘Play’ stores etc. Almost necessarily all transactions would be electronic, and perhaps via the internet. However, it could still be possible to buy via the Hawala system, like Western Union, Moneygram et al. Imagine that.

If there were no physical markets anymore, what would you miss?

Imagine never trying out that dress (or gadget, etc) before buying, when there was little or no lag between ordering and possession. Imagine no Walmart, Asda, Aldi, Shoprite, Tesco, Lidl, Addide, Dominos … stores to walk into. Imagine a world without convenience stores, or a Nigeria without (legal) pedlars. Unimaginable! But possible.

Someone’s hobby wiped out. Where would you go window shopping!

Save your real stores from going down because of Amazon, Konga, and the likes? That’s a funny cause to fight right. They had better shape up then, if they ‘slacking.’

Anyway, how could online stores wipe out the good old WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) stores, particularly for the things you eat, or wear? C’est imposible? They could more easily do so for things you use. Nothing to be said for the things you have to pay to do.

Though they might charge you more than online stores, appreciate them once in a while. Rather than go online, by non-virtual, real life. If they’re slightly pricier, I guess that’s okay, at least for the ‘privilege’ of browsing with touch, and ‘playing’ with the product before buying.