Maybe Assad is Great for Syria Still

Bad as it may sound to some,
Assad (the government) might just be the best for Syria,
for now at least.
If Assad was a threat,
ISIS is what?
Why do they fight?
See the heads of those beheaded.
It speaks their hell.

Those, of the North, West, East, and South,
that wanted Assad out of Power in Syria
might want to soft-pedal
and look at a bigger picture.
One where they might return
to the previous stable order.

Were Mubarak and Assad as cohorts:
who seemingly kept evil jihadism at bay.
Can we infer this from the news reports?
What would history say.
If Egypt was led by Morsi, the Muslim brotherhood,
would it end up better or worse than Iran
in the eyes of those that seem to matter?

The Syrian civil war
opened doors to ISIS.
When motive met opportunity,
to expand a certain socio-religio-political identity,
into a state: a caliphate
that walks in the pattern
of seeking to conquer neighbouring states
(the jihad), as Mohammed did,
in other to achieve glory for their god.
Are they going towards Israel?

Noble, it might be, for them.
But certainly not for the rest.
They break the golden rule: love.
And horribly cruelly affect.
Does the world slip and leave them?

So this is an option:
help Assad regain control of the whole of Syria.
Because the enemy of your enemy is your ally.
You don’t have to be friends to ride the same train.
So it looks like it’s happening.