Reconfigured Higher Education

Imagine an MBA tacked onto a one to two-year preparatory/preliminary programme to form a new first degree to which secondary school graduates may be admitted. You’ve then got an ‘advanced’ business degree without missing much (or anything at all) from not having a ‘first’/bachelors degree. Won’t companies that employ MBA’s want to recruit these graduates?

What sometimes we call advanced may not need lengthy prerequisites for the average Joe to grasp.

Now, see a high-school graduate take a two year preparation programme followed by a PhD. He/she could be done in five years. This isn’t hard to imagine for some present PhD programmes. Which ones could this most easily apply to?

For many degrees in engineering, I think it isn’t too hard to tack a two-year preparatory/preliminary programme to a traditional masters programme to form a new ‘specialised’ first degree.

What I’m saying, essentially, is to strip off most of the ‘extraneous’ courses and focus! While they might be helpful, they aren’t ‘important’ to the point where they mustn’t be done away with. These may all be offered as optional. And since the large MOOC platforms already offer a lot of these helpful, and sometimes very interesting side courses, we could let the children pick from a list to do on their own time; for credit perhaps.

Reconfigure high-school education? Certainly! And more radically too.

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