He Died a Few Days Ago

Delirious? once sang, “Sorrow came to visit us today…”
That was the feeling in air
It happened a few days ago
The end of a journey
13 August 2015

It happened not so fast
My head! My head!
I can’t get up
I feel my body changing
And then you left
Leaving the doctor helpless

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Brilliant with words
As you make sense with them
What are you looking for in that other land
Why have you gone to meet our father
Who sent you on that errand

She sat on the floor and wailed
The news of death had visited her day
She rolled on floor saying his name
Vincent, Vincent, Vincent, Vincent
Where arrre youuu
Answer meee!
Where arrre youuu
Come back oooo
How is it possible that this could happen now
The enemies have struck eeee
God O God, why, wwhyyyy
A young man
And our mother has to bear this !?!

A sharp mind and a lawyer’s wit
His words had the pace of a camel
And the force of a revelation
Amusing sometimes
He was soft, genial, and still hard to define
I am affected

Death came to the house
And you greeted it
Nothing happened to you
You simply crossed yonder
But pain and grief, sorrow and surprise, happened to us
For you, we are affected

Please let’s stop talking about it
It makes me want to cry
Sweet little girl
We are affected

Why would you have a grown man cry
And make a mother mourn her child
Holding grief in their hearts
We could see it and hear it
It was everywhere around
I’m almost getting there myself
Feeling the tears on my eyes
Fighting to form a pool and drops
I should hold strong for my mama
Why stir her up again
Maybe I’d let go some other time
Where only God can see me
But the feeling doesn’t seem to end
A second felt like an hour
He could see the red of my eyes
I didn’t want to cry

Brother, take heart
Please don’t enter delirium
I do know how it hurts
What can we do now but go through the motions and move on
Let us not carry a weight for the dead

Abraham has now embraced you
And we live to bear the tale
Until our time comes to leave
For others to mourn and celebrate
Now the family gather together
To put the jar of clay in the ground

The full lyrics of the ‘Mountains high’ by Delirious? follows (Taken from www.delirious.org.uk. Find more of their great lyrics on the same site)

Sorrow came to visit us today
Was the longest day, was the loneliest day
Sorrow came to steal our hope away
Only tears can tell
Of this holy hour

This mountain’s high, too high for us
This mountain’s high, too high for us

Sorrow came quicker than a fire
Was the longest day, was the loneliest day
I feel your hand, the warmth, your sweetest smile
But you slipped away, through the great divide

This mountain’s high, too high for us
This mountain’s high, too high for us

Your ways are high, too high for us
Your ways are high, too high for us

Written by Martin Smith ©2003 Curious? Music UK