Women Surely Need Many Shoes

For him, one shoe fits all;
All his suits fit one shoe.
He looks at it, he smiles;
Well polished, it looks great.
His mood doesn’t matter,
And he walks out.

For her, many shoes fit one;
Several fit one dress and a selection of jewellery.
Fewer would fit when makeup is considered,
And less, when a handbag or other accessories come into play.
Finally only one can be worn to the occasion,
Given the other variables and how she’s feeling that moment.

Certainly then, women need orders of magnitude more shoes than men.
Why they want to live with such complicatedness in the fashion domain is any woman’s guess. Apparently, they don’t have to cope with it. It’s a joy, and training they’ve mastered.

Thinking whether we need them ‘cos we love them, or we love them cause we need them. Or are they just to be loved for what they are or how they might match. Or…. [Gone off topic]