Solicitation, Extortion, Bribery…

Say hello to me, then go.
Give me, give me, give me; because I want.

“Hello sir!”
Well, you shouldn’t go, but since you’ve said hello, then you should.
Paying ransom for something; solicitation to injustice.

Until you say hello to me, you will stay here.
You should go now, but since you haven’t said hello, you will wait a little.
Demanding ransom for nothing; solicitation by threat.

Blackmail, no?
A variation on extortion; where one has a case to answer somewhere.

Extortion, and also for the fun of it.
Delivering distress to support self grandiosity.

Where have we seen these demonstrated?

‘They’ hold you in one spot for longer than reasonable in the hope that you would say ‘thank you’ and so get the normal release. They=?

Businessmen do extortion. Sorry, negotiation. (So do children.)
Parents do bribery, sometimes to keep the peace.

Harass the teacher, because the ‘law’ says you can talk anyhow to them.
The customer is king, isn’t it?

The players do bribery, the agents do blackmail, and the pimps do harassment. All while the boss makes most of the money. The murky world of fixing things.

Demanding ransom for nothing: illegal immigrants, running from ‘nothing’ but to where the grass looks greener, make the sea trip from Libya to Italy.
When they come at you illegally or unjustifiably to pressure you into giving in—hoping that you would save them.
Puts one on a spot.