Percentages don’t respect pain …

Giving 10 percent of the amount appears fair, at least arithmetically, but what about emotionally?

Giving 1 dollar of the 10 you have makes little difference. Easy sacrifice to make.
Giving 10 dollars of the 100 you have makes still a little difference.
Giving 100 dollars of the 1000 you have may start to touch you a little. I mean, you could do something with the 100.

Now, giving 1000 of your10000 bucks may start to really test your happiness to give. Right?
Giving 10000 of the 100000 Greenbacks you’ve saved over 10 years? This likely has visibly come from your emotional bank account.
Let’s say it’s a100000 of your cool 1000000 USD? That is a drain, but I’ll live.
And1000000 of my 10000000 dollars? Hell, do I need to do this?

Imagine where the rates were higher than 10 %. Yes, …, but you live with it. It’s the system.

It’s thus fair to us rich folks (and in the proverbial 1%) for us to pay less in % than the nominal tax rate. The sacrifice is emotionally bigger for the rich. So when Jesus said that it would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God, He was saying that the price you pay is higher when you have (or feel you have) too much to lose by letting Christ and letting go; when you might feel too rich with your wealth to be meek.

The heavier one is, the bigger a fall would be. Or the heavier is your submission.

While wealth demands, in addition to the care of it’s maintenance, utility, should we near torment the rich with heavy demands? How could this be fair especially if the tax rate is higher for them. What might it say of the rest of the people?


To tithe or give: people would always have the choice.
To tax: the government, thieves maybe, and sellers … whoever they are, would feel that they have the prerogative to demand of you an arbitrary percentage of your income despite any pains.