Wine… Everyone has something… Every life is worth living…

It’s been said that red wine furnishes one with nourishment that makes for a healthy heart and long life. Which, if true, makes it a multivitamin syrup or dietary supplement.

God created nature to evolve in a way that provides us with multiple sources of the same necessities for life and living. Whether or not we know about them, can properly access them, or appropriately use them is another matter.

It is the honour and duty of man to discover and/or to appropriate these things and more. That’s what we do when we walk, jog, hop, enjoy, experience, love, talk, hang out, dress up, decorate, design, draw, paint, picture, create, imagine, explore, tour, travel, fly, drive, bike, breathe, see, study, observe, learn, listen, think, ponder, admire, wonder, write, read, research, dig, find, give, receive, smile, make up, marry, make love, grow, build, work, jump, stomp, dance….

Everyone has something.
Every life is worth living.