While he was the US ambassador to Finland, he tried to encourage Finnish investors to invest in Russia. They were reluctant for good reason, and he did his job as was directed by his home government. When later as a consultant he was asked by a client about investing in Russia, he wasn’t half as optimistic about investing in Russia even though his personal assessment of Russia was still the same as when he was ambassador.

He was professional. And it’s a values thing.

In many American movies, where the actors had said they were professionals, they were usually professional hashishims or prostitutes; usually someone being professional at something ‘bad.’ A few were lawyers, others policemen. ‘there any pattern?

Professionalism says  (as taught by TV) that I have a responsibility to do something, and to do it a certain way; so I do it, and in the way required. However useful, passion and emotion aren’t absolutely necessary for the doings.

Does one really need to like his job to be great at it? And you’re a husband, a wife, a parent, a coach etc. Not always fun, and you do better than you feel, or is deserved anyway. It’s a values thing.

One story goes something like:
Daddy, mummy, I’m a medical doctor now, just as you insisted, and against what I said I wanted to do years ago. Here’s my certificate, it’s now yours. While some people in my situation go on to make a future for themselves as has been thrust on them by their parents, I still want to do what I wanted then and won’t even deign to practice medicine for a second. I know you meant well, and I’m grateful for your support over the years. Thank you, and I love you.

Another story.
She was asked, “why did you marry him?” She replied, “I’m a good Indian daughter.” She would’ve dishonoured her father by refusing the arrangement. She was professional. You can almost guess the arrangement.

Good Indian father looking for good husband for his good Indian daughter. He meets good American man looking for good wife for his good American son. They agree … and go home to announce to their children that they’ve found spouses for them.

How has it been with the arranged marriage? “I’ve come to love and respect him for who he was as a person beyond being her husband.”

It is possible to dislike school and still be professional with your schooling. You go through the motions, classes et al, study professionally, do well, and escape that level forever when your time is done. And perhaps even coming to enjoy some of the work in the process.