A delusion, asian tigers and busting my pawpaws.

This was like the biggest pawpaw I’d ever seen, I couldn’t imagine any bigger. Then I heard someone say that the first one harvested from the tree was bigger, and from another tree, much bigger—busting my pawpaws somewhat. He thought he was the only one, and he’d told everyone who cared to listen…. Then one day, he was told of 7000 others like him—busting his pawpaws.

Let’s leave basic manufacturing to the Asians and focus on high value products and services. But there’re 30 others, including the Asians, who’ve joined the high price-point high profit train.

You say you have a strong legacy of high value innovation. True as that may be, however, remember that some had a 3 millennia legacy before you even existed as a group, and before their pause. Now they’re back on the map of those who matter—significantly. Considering the way they’ve handled globalization, they’re no pushovers; they’re buying the world and selling to it. One of them in particular has been everywhere including space and the poles.

Let’s see what happens by 2020 if you don’t change tack.

We’ve got to change tack too.
How? What? Where?
We at least know why.
Great start.

PS: Chewing crunchy slices of pawpaw now (actually at the time of conception).