A question of death to life

Cheers, applause, honour, and praise to Time magazine’s man of all time. And the great book also says He is God the Son. While it is reasonable to try to measure the history of Christ Jesus’ impact on the world by the history of His followers’ impact, acting, by their admission, in His name, we will only get the fuller picture when we consider human nature, and also consider (and perhaps discover the beauty of) the philosophy and logic of His birth, life, deeds, death, and resurrection. Thinking mathematically helps, particularly with questions about his birth and rebirth (resurrection), and makes for an interesting and beneficial exercise. ‘Questions of life,’ a book by Nicky Gumbel, is a great place to start if you need a guide. Although, in all, we can’t pretend to know or understand all, or even much, we find reason to believe because we’ve seen it or simply choose to agree and follow through. Regardless, we can always savour the wonderful stories and songs and poems and true history recorded in the great book, the Bible, coming perhaps to fully understand the reason for the season if we don’t already.
Romans asks many questions and gives many answers, intellectual, down to earth, philosophical and more. If you’ve chosen to believe or agree with it, then there’s one logical conclusion, and it’s also written in Romans—the book.
Do have a very pleasant day.
Happy holidays.