Minding Easter

Mind on Easter
Not for the break
But for the reason
The next love season
After Saint Valentine’s

There’s a few weeks left
Ponder now
Why wait till we get there

I wonder at what you did
As it is true
That you came to die
Suffering as in a movie
The Passion of Christ
Then to come back alive
Saying that I’d be kainos
As fresh as new
If truely I entered you.

Near maniacal
It must be love
What’s the difference
We’ve done the insane
In the name of the game
All giving and no taking
We gladly only accept to receive
If any harm
It was to self
And all without regret
In joy-full experience

How can you tell
It was one-sided
We love because He first loved
It had to start from somewhere
And it has come full circle

Thats pure and true
You would say so
How else could it go
If there’s no greater love
Than to lay down your life
For a friend
Not quite so and yet so
You’re not making sense
But still you understand