What continent is the Middle East in?

What continent is The Middle East in? It sounds like it’s a country. Saying there’s peace in Russia, and there’s peace in the The Middle East kind of puts them on the same level.

When you hear Russia, do you think Asia? More likely not. Russia is Russia, period!

Africa, California, and Dubai are all countries. Acceptable gaffs.

What continent is Saudi Arabia? None, there’re just where they are, the Middle East. Same for Israel and Dubai (UAE).

For those who fancy naming a new (old) continent, welcome the Middle East! The world’s newest named continent. It has been unofficially recognised for a long time; we just made it official.

Much more seriously
For many global businesses, there are only 3 continents: the Americas, Asia, and EMEA.

FIFA/UEFA/FIBA redefined geographical Europe/Asia for the love of the game, or for reasonable peace. So Israel is a European country in the Middle East (in Asia?)

Here we tap soccer and play football; touching the ball is a foul unless you’re the keeper. Ah ah? Why don’t the people of ‘In Gods Own Country’ get that. Abeg, I hereby rename American Football to Amball (pronounced /ɑɹmbɔl/).

‘Ah ah’ (Ah sound in solfa: Mi Re), as above, is something of a complex of ‘can you imagine’ and ‘this is wonderful/baffling’. Abeg is ‘please’; in this context, it is neither politeness nor pleading. Nigerian quasi-pidgin English. Lovely.