Television; the Internet; the internet of things.

It played a significant part in my upbringing the man said. His teenaged daughter responded, “when I am married with my teen kids, I’d tell them same of the internet.” They’d grow up with the internet too you know, said her father. Ah pops, who knows what new thing will evolve and grip people’s lives by that time. We watch television, but the internet is such a powerful competitor for our attention and it provides a credible alternative to living vicariously via TV. Its more real, it’s realtime, and allows for way more personal expression. You’ve gone all romantic about it my little lass; hard to think of anything to beat the internet. Old man dad, I pray you live to see my grandchildren. You’ll see the new norms then and think back to now. Hey young woman, I am not old!!! Hehehe, so you say, so you say; it’s what you think that matters, right? Anyway, the internet of things seems to be a viable next step in its evolution to the point that it would overshadow the internet as we know it now. It would still be there, but invisible to the point of nonexistence. It’s already happening and it was proclaimed by the creation of IP version 6. Slooooow down, you just lost me there scholar. Well Sir young daddy I was just talking about how the internet would evolve and be used in the near future, and an underlying enabling technology for this. Ha! My little baby has so grown fast and into a smart mademoiselle. Daddy please stop with the reminiscence and nostalgia she said with a grin, remembering fun times with daddy and mummy from days gone by. I’d really like to be regarded as I am now, a big girl. Well miss, when you get to be a parent, you can choose to not savour the memories and joys of raising your kids. And I doubt that you’d choose to deny yourself that pleasure. She jumped on him and hugged him tightly with her eyes slightly tearing. I love you daddy, and I love mummy too, sooo much. You’ve given us reason to doubt that a few times though. Same here too pops, taskmaster, know all, kill-joy and what else. Yeah yeah and ’tis all for my good, I know, she said, loosening the hug. Missy? Yes dad. Seeing you have such a broad selection of words in your personal vocab, you could also paint our parenthood in a little more positive light to our hearing and not just to your mates. Em, daddy. Yes? What were we talking about before we got here all emotional and stuff? Oh that the TV will always be there to distract you from homework and housework if you let it. And remember our previous talk about the internet? Heaven, how could I forget with mum on my case everyday. Good. Now, off you go big girl, your turn to cook dinner for the family.