The Little Boy Lived in a Cocoon of His Own Making

The woman found out when she reached out that the little boy was neither totally not fathomable nor totally ‘abstract’. It was easy because she noticed he liked carrots and so she created a trojan horse made with carrot that he accepted and ate. Then she found a beautiful soul, though an outlier, he was human still. And he loved her for it. The little boy lived in a very unique cocoon of his own making, locked in until someone reached out.

Doesn’t everyone make their own cocoons and set their sentries at the gates.

Imagine all peoples as a network of variously coloured and intersecting cocoons. Colours reflecting temperaments and personas, while intersections reflect relationships with others to varying degrees. Colours at the intersection may show potential for influence within the relationships … . Picture a world of intersecting bubbles; an interesting and beautiful work of art if you see it so.