What is mathematics?

Mathematics is a tool to discover, describe and explain reality in precise and logical terms. Our immediate reality is nature, its physics, its chemistry, and its biology. It is a terse abstraction and representation of perception—that is, of mathematical reality. It starts from the obvious and goes on to the non-obvious, searching the depths of the riches of the wisdom and the knowledge of God. Where there is perception, there is existence, however imperfect or otherwise.

Mathematics is a distinct language for expressing and communicating mathematical reality. This is perhaps where we might lose our way as we delve deeper into it—having to learn a new comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, semantics and syntax. If however we can cross this pond, we will more clearly see the art in its reality, where it is beautiful for what it represents, its simplicity or its intricacy. Through mathematics we can see and appreciate a little more of the genius of humanity, of the creation, and of all existence.