From where do we learn devotion to our spouses?

If all men learned devotion to their wives from their fathers, and all women learned devotion to their husbands from their mothers, what would the state of marital relationships be like two generations from now?

If absolute devotion to spouse is a marital ideal, how do we ensure that every generation learns it. Particularly given the challenge posed by the increasing censorship and corruption of morals, or the deliberate—or otherwise—attempts to define ‘new’ ways for spouses to relate that are contrary to nature and our innate unspoiled being.

Do we need/have a constant positive basis that serves to maintain the dignity of marriage given attempts at modifying natural human social norms? Do we need to consciously tackle the associated ‘acceptable’ fads driven by false philosophical conclusions or human self debasement. Details, details… .

And we know this, that faithfulness and fidelity are just a part of the expression of spousal devotion. The fullness of it is wrapped in love.