Whats appealing about that?

The appeal of certain things only lie in their novelty, their queer unusualness. Lacking any real substance or true beauty, common sense should override any potentially misplaced value placed on them. We call a spade a spade. Abi? (Right?)

In our appreciation of novelty, we still maintain our view of reality. And for the things that appeal to us, we might want to ask ourselves why and how they do.

They say one man’s meat is another man’s poison, so forgive anyone who thinks your piece less art than trash.

There is art made from trash; beautiful art, trash made useful. But this one piece stands on the wrong side of art. Yet there are many who describe the innovative idea and use of that material…, necessarily using ‘big’ words for effects.

It isn’t that such works are bad per se (though ugly for sure), it’s that many shouldn’t be regarded as art. Two examples come to mind but will not be detailed here for reasons of appropriateness.

Attempting to define art might be challenging, but it should be clearer what is not art if our sense of art is intrinsic, not contrived.